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Social Media Plugins Threw Up On My Site

It’s time to take minute to be honest with ourselves.

Does your site look like a random social media hot mess of disorganization?

If it does, let’s define some goals, make some choices and actually improve your results with your social media plugins.

Define Your Social Media Strategy

And yes, you do have one.

The absence of a strategy is still a strategy.

If you’re online, you should have a strategy detailing how you engage, what your message is, what you’re about and what tools you’re using.

What is Online Goal?

Are you an entrepreneur? Then your goals look like networking, lead generating, customer service, brand consistency and propagation.

Are you a community builder? Then similarly, you’ll be networking, connecting, sharing ideas: yours and others and brand consistency. You’ll be searching out new ways to connect all those components together and share those new connections with others, for them to expand on.

Are you aiming for authority? If you’re trying to be the go to person on a certain topic, then you’re researching, sharing your content, sharing others’ content, more researching, more sharing and taking leadership roles and on it goes.

Are you a social butterfly? Writing, sharing and communicating is a rewarding pursuit all on it’s own and sometimes there is no higher purpose than to simply connect with others, like minded or otherwise. Still you are using social media to do that, there are effective ways to connect and then there are the pictures above.

What’s your higher social media purpose?

Make the Choices

Now you know what your greater calling is online. Now you can figure out what tools to use to get there.

Each social media platform suits different subjects and different types of sharing. They all have different “rules.” Certain topics suit digg, stumbleupon, twitter, facebook and beyond.

Research where your topic seems to have the best legs. Where does your sort of material get shared the best. Include THAT icon in your posts.

No one does well in all things. This too goes for social media.

Pick your playing field and get good at it. Once you’ve determined where your content is best shared, learn that platform. It is profoundly more effective to target the appropriate platform in the right way than throw a little bit of effort all over the place.

Social Media is not an investment portfolio, diversification is not always best.

Design Your Site to Guide Readers

Now you know what your purpose is and where that purpose is best pursued.

Now you need to encourage your readers to help you and if you picked your social media platforms well, this isn’t too hard.

People like to be useful and sharing great, relevant content makes people useful. Give your readers the tools, like strategically, sparingly placed social media buttons and bookmarking sites to help them know what you want them to do.

A social media icon blob tells a reader nothing other than you have no idea what’s going on and you certainly don’t know what you want them to do.

So they do nothing.

The exact opposite reaction that you wanted them to have.

Figure out what you’re about. Do your research. Decide what to target. Lead your readers to the decision you want them to make. Done.

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