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6 SEO Best practices That Will Triple Your E-Commerce Sales

Very often, many of the entrepreneurs struggle to sustain their business, while taking the responsibility of providing the finest of the products and services to their customers.

However, in spite of all the efforts they fail to foster their business. Today, in this article, we are addressing those marketers whose efforts have gone in vein and help them understand where exactly they are going wrong.

They “believe” that the only requirement to run their business is to provide the best product. However, they conveniently forget how would people know that they are the best in the industry. This is something to seriously look at.

Where is The Loop Hole?

So, the loop hole is the tactic to reach out to the masses, especially to the right audience. In this digital era, the world has become a small place, but due to the rising competition it is a challenge to showcase your best to the world.

Nevertheless, it’s no longer a hard nut to crack as we will introduce you to the trick – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This trick helps you to attract relevant traffic to your website and let the world know that “Yes” you do exit.

Today, there are multiple online marketing agencies that provide comprehensive solution to everyone who has passion and drive to get their business to the top.

Right from new-bees to business tycoons, these SEO agencies will provide marketers with the best of the facilities and leave no stone unturned to get them to the top of search results.

Website is the Face of Your Business

A good website has always been of great significance. Apparently, it is the face of a company and in the epoch of technology, where any company is judged by its website, it’s very important to keep the interest of the users intact with a good website.

Using right keywords, implementing a proper strategy and adding relevant links/hyperlinks are the key ingredients of SEO, which will boost the readership of your page. SEO agencies do this homework very well.

They will have competent workforce which understands how Google algorithms work (as it’s the most commonly used search engine) as well as how other search engines work.

Right from Off page optimization, SEO strategy, keyword research, content optimization and reputation management businesses and website owners can leave all their burden to the SEO agencies.

This is because the agencies will have strategic placement of key phrases and keywords, which are paramount for SEO. So, as soon as you partner with one such agency, which is competent and updated, you can be rest assured about achieving the desired results.

Search Engine Optimization

The name Search Engine Optimization is self-explanatory. It stands for its name, “optimizing you content to directly reach to the targeted audience across various search engines” like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

It’s a notion among the business tycoons that they need not follow the SEO standards, as they have already made their presence known in the market and forget the fact that the Internet generation is blindly following the Search Engine.

So, if you are on the Internet, you are determined to reign sooner or later otherwise slowly and steadily you may perish. Eventually, by adhering to SEO best practices for 2018 and beyond, you’ll get your content in front of people who are actively searching for information.

Considering the fact the SEO is blooming these days and has been a great success, let’s take a look at the best practices that will triple your e-commerce sales.

Top 6 SEO Best Practices for 2018 and Beyond

We have put together top 6 best practices of 2018, we have enlisted the same here below:

1. Keep Your Title and Meta Tags Persuasive

It’s seen that most of the e-commerce stores are ignoring this important fact. A catchy title to capture the attention of the user is mandatory and basic thing to have.

As we have mentioned earlier that the search engines like Google follow some algorithms, they consider meta tags and titles to a great extent. So, it is best to align title and meta tags to garner the right traffic.

2. Make Your Website/Content Mobile Friendly

Of late, computers and laptops are considered as old school because mobiles have taken over the charge. Being compact, handy and serving all the basic needs, people tend to explore most of the things on their phones.

Thus, it has now become obligatory to make your website or web content mobile friendly to reach out to the masses.

3. Opt for HTTPS instead of HTTP

Spam/bugs are the matter of concern for the users. They prefer to browse through trustworthy sites just to secure their personnel details. Changing your URL from HTTP to HTTPS can serve the purpose.

Adding this gives confidence to the end users that their details are protected. This is most certainly required on the websites of online retailers in order to keep the bank details safe during transaction.

Some of the web browsers like Chrome pop up a warning for HTTP, hence it gives the e-commerce retailers all the more reasons to shift to HTTPS.

4. Hit On Videos

Online videos have covered a huge market base in acquiring relevant traffic and it is going to proliferate in the years to come. So, if you are not making video content, then you will certainly lose a great deal.

The concept that seeing something lays more impact than reading it supports this practice. Launch your videos on YouTube and you are bound to increase your client base/followers.

5. Relevant Keyword/Back Links

Usage of appropriate keywords multiply your scope of staying at the top of the search slab. The strategic application of the keywords wins the quality audience and makes e-commerce retailers easily accessible among the large pool of their business.

Along with keywords, backlinks also help to garner business beyond your expectation. Getting quality back links from the trusted sources play a significant role in adding value to a website.

Above all, Google algorithms consider backlinks as a very crucial factor for making your content visible.

6. Latest Trend: Social Media

Now a day’s social media is so wide spread that if you have not updated your business on your social media profiles, your business is heading towards slow death.

Strong social media presence ensures that you are doing enough to stay visible in the competitive internet market. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. act like a platform to enhance your business prospects.

Through social media, your marketing content can be shared on a larger scale within a short span of time. So, try and have a strong social media presence.

Summing Up

Today, SEO is important and it helps you to expand your business and keep you a step ahead to captivate your target audience. It’s time to blow your trumpet with the right tool and target the right keywords to make your SEO campaign a resounding success!

Considering the fact that SEO is blooming, there are many tools available in the market, which offer keyword discovery services and a host of other SEO tools too.

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