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Rules for Content Creation, Marketing and Promotion

In recent years, the power of what we call as Online Expression has prompted Brands to invest millions of dollars in content creation, sharing, and marketing. Everyone knows the “Content is King” adage well and thus they regularly post tons of content on the web via Articles, Blogs, Guest Posts, Press Releases etc.

But, in all this humdrum, do we ever pause to find out whether we are reaching out to the right audience who is really looking for the kind of stuff we are posting? In the race of pulling an audience and gaining traffic, are we not increasing the gap between beefy statistics and low conversion rates?

Well, there is no denying the fact that catering to the growing readership with compelling content is still a challenge that most of the content writers and content marketers struggle with. There is no exact key, other than producing great and unique content, to enjoy success on the web cloud.

Why has Content Taken the First-seat?

Those who were sleeping under the rock in 2013, let us make them aware of the survey conducted by which reveals that

85% percent of American adults use the Internet, with 78% going online to get their news everyday


What it Takes to Create Great and Unique Content

By now, it is clear to all the novices that Content creation and sharing has already gained enough edge and is going to completely over-rule other marketing techniques in the next couple of years. Well, for many of us, writing is not a piece of cake.

And especially, when it comes to writing content for the web, the apprehension that people will turn judgemental enough and can even contradict your thoughts can stuck you up even before getting started. No doubt many will end up scratching their heads thinking what to write? Where to start from? And when they look for ideas on the internet, it feels like everything about that topic is already written and there is nothing unique they can think of.

Yes, that’s a bitter truth that everytime it’s not that easy to come up flooded with star ideas and completing an online writing assignment strains your head and leaves you embittered. To add to the woes, the search engine optimizers keep on reminding about the targeted keywords, their right placement, etc and the list goes on.

So, here we go with certain tips and tricks that you can keep handy to sail through the Content – journey smoothly and easily.

Focus Right on the Fervor and Uniqueness of Your Content

The first and foremost tip is to focus, focus and focus. Great thoughts do not come so easy. You have to let your imaginations break all the barricades and weave a nice story from start till end. Add the elements of creativity, interactivity, and emotions by injecting personal experiences to touch the instincts of the readers.

If your deadline is near and you need to rush through your assignments to save your job, just close your eyes and think about your favorite shows, books or music and relate it quickly to your topic. Once you find a connection, it will be pretty easy for you to concoct a fantastic write-up.And the final piece will be absolutely unique.

Research, Collect and Manipulate

To be authentic and genuine, take help from the interesting data related to your topic. You can search and aggregate latest news and events on the web itself. To make this task quick, just go to the Google Search and click the “News” tab. Soon, an unending list matching to your query will be in front of you.

See the titles that catch your attention and are likely to serve your purpose. Alternatively, you can also check out the most popular blogs or articles and bookmark some important web addresses related to your topic. Collect everything that seems important, slice the information nicely and manipulate everything later in your own words.

Adopt a Successful Content Marketing Strategy to Expose Your Brand

If you are looking to establish your online niche in minimal possible time, Content creation and sharing should go hand in hand. Devote time and plan a marketing strategy for your content to land successfully in all your efforts. Here we have jotted down some quick points to help you stay in the loop.

  1. Add some of the handy widgets like the Facebook “Like” Button, Twitter’s “tweet” button, Pinterest “Pin It” button and LinkedIn “Share” button to go viral on all social networking platforms.
  2. Attain a good amount of referral traffic through your happy customers or clients by asking them to write testimonials, leave positive comments, feedbacks, ratings, post reviews on the content you share and talk about your content-releases within their community. Let the people spread the word-of-mouth for you.
  3. Grab attention through visual content by clubbing the text and the graphic content in the form of an “Infographic” that clearly depicts your message.
  4. Make a decent posting schedule for your content.

Avoid All the Bad Practices

The reason that why I thought to include this in my post is pretty evident from the fact that people do adopt some malicious practices while creating content for the web. Listed below are some of the things you must keep in mind to follow the “Content Etiquette” and to ensure you don’t end up leaving a negative impact on the people.

  1. Don’t just stuff keywords in your blog unnecessarily. A keyword density of 3-4% is fair enough to serve your SEO purposes.
  2. Don’t just beat about the bush. Come to the point quickly and keep it short and crisp.
  3. Wherever you mention factual data (text or images), don’t forget to hyperlink it to the original source from where you copied the information. If you miss on that, it is likely that someone come across your website and imposes a Copyright violation on you. It is absolutely disheartening to lose credibility this way and ending up in a big trouble.
  4. Always collect information only from reliable resources and don’t just copy paste from here and there. Wrong information can cost you much more than anything else.

Last, but not the least, writing a unique piece of content that pulls thousands of visitors almost instantly is an art nobody can just acquire overnight. It takes years of practice and lots of efforts to excel in inspiring people with innovative thoughts. To get the most value, just be yourself, keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and stay connected.

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