Learn WordPress Hacking Methods and Prevent Your Site Getting Hacked

Since nowadays the hacking issues are getting hotter, we will share with you a little bit of hacking technique which is common to use by the hacker in order to compromise your site (mostly WordPress based site) also the way to prevent the attack.


Nuke attack basically is an attack based on command (using ping), sometimes hacker which is a newbie will use tools to do it like WinNuke (a nuke tools for Windows). Nuke attack will do tons of ping command in order to hang-up your server, in many cases, if your server operating system is a Windows, this attack may be caused your server to show a blue screen of death.

Nuke Hacking Mathod
This is the tracert command using command prompt, the area which is marked red is the hosting provider security layers.
IP address and site name is hidden on this picture.

This attack method cannot be classified as a hacking activity since the hacker is not targeting your data (just for fun). This attack always targeting a private server.

The hacker usually checks your site using tools like command prompt with command tracert to check whether you use a hosting provider or not.

Nuke Hacking Mathod 2
This is also the same as a tracert command, but this one is using a tools which will give you more specific details like where is the hosting, etc. At this picture the hosting is located at http://www.pasarhosting.com.
IP address and site name is hidden on this picture

Since this attack usually targeting a private server, then it is highly recommended to have a hosting provider to store your web files and data rather than use a private server. You can use a private server only if you have a medium knowledge about security.

DDOS Attack

DDOS attack basically is the same as Nuke, but the differences are when your server is going to hang-up, the hacker implants some malware or a trojan into your site. This virus is used in order to take control of your site like updating files, etc. The most common result of this type of attack is the hacker remove several required files like index.php or index.html

DDOS Attack
This is the sample of a hacked site, on this site just index.php which is compromised

This type of hacking in several cases, the hacker just want to give you a message or just for fun (like the message on the image above, the hacker just want to test the security of your site). To test what files is being compromised, you can use Sucuri which is free to use.

Nowadays, DDOS attack already evolves to a more dangerous attack, this one is called by a Permanent DDOS attack which targeting your hardware (Network Card or Router). This method target is to install a new firmware into your device then your device cannot be used for a while until you fix it (like flashing the device – your device may be death permanently)

To prevent this method, what you can do are:

  • Use a proper and well-known hosting provider (like GoDaddy, Blue Host, etc.).
  • Firewall, if you are using a private server, then your security must be the most important thing. Installing a firewall is the top issue.
  • Router, if you are using a private server, make sure if your internet line is not directly linked to your server pc, the line must be connected to a router first. The router these days already has its own firewall and several security tools.
  • Operating System, again, if you’re using a private server, then make sure if you are not using these operating system: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows NT 4.0 SP6a, and Windows XP SP2. Those operating system security is out of date and also not ready to prevent the DDOS attack.

Brute Force

This technique which is the hottest issue right now, even Matt himself post about this issue on his own site. This technique is the only technique which is tools based hacking, also this technique is the second step if the hacking methods above are failed.

The hacker will create or use an algorithm tools in order to crack your site (the most common case, the hacker will use password crackers tools). This tools will try every possibility to find out the right combination of your site, also this tools will not stop until the hacker stop it.

In order to prevent this attack method, what you can do:

SQL Injection

This technique is requiring a set of hacking skills and many hacking experiences, the hacker first will analyze your site, like what plugin you are using, where is your hosting located, how is the security, etc. The most common case is the hacker found a hole which is made by a plugin(s) you use (active plugins) and also the theme you use (active theme).

The only things you can do to prevent this attack:

  • Change the default permalinks. Hacker usually use tools named havij, we already try this tools and the results is it cannot crack your site if the permalinks are set to post name (the other option also works! But not the default one).
  • Use common plugins, install carefully! Make sure if the plugins you use have a good response from the earlier user (at the WordPress.org plugin forum).

Ok, that’s it what you should know and aware.

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