Top 7 Things to Know before Opening an E-commerce Site

The online business market has been growing steadily over the last few years. More and more opportunities arise and specialized little online stores seem to sprout everywhere on the net. This does not mean that starting your own online business is a simple matter. On the contrary, most businessmen that try end up wishing they had known a couple of things beforehand.

In this article, we’ll give you the top seven tips you need to know to avoid doing silly, beginner’s mistakes with your e-commerce site.

Investigate Your Respective Market

The importance of market research can’t be stressed enough. You might think your idea for an online store is great, but unless you test it out first you will never be certain if there is a market for it or not.

If you’re wondering how that’s done, it’s simple:

  • Start a blog about the product you want to sell.
  • Use affiliate links to similar products already being sold online on Amazon.
  • Check the traffic and your revenues from the links.

If your links make you money, then you know that there is a market for the product you wish to sell.

Choose Your Platform with Care

You should think long and hard about what platform your e-commerce site should run on.

There are plenty of good choices out there. To find the right one you should consider your business goals. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want your shop to be small or large?
  • Are you aiming for high profits or pocket money?
  • How much time and effort do you want to invest in this project?

Unless you want a small, hobby shop, you should aim for one of the best e-commerce platforms, which is certainly Magento. 10 in every 15 online shops already prefer Magento over any other platform and for good reason, as it is flexible and it grows together with your shop.

Use Very Specific Product Descriptions

Extensive market studies have shown that customers do not spend more than a few seconds looking at the product’s site before making a decision. So, what does that mean for your shop? Simple: The customer rarely reads!

What this means for you, is that you have to make your product descriptions and names extremely specific, snappy and clear.

Good examples would be: “Lime Green Sports Shoes for Women” and “Strawberry Red Matte Lipstick”

Bad examples are: “Funky Box” and “Modern Shirt”

You should say a lot within a few words when it comes to titles. The best e-commerce platforms have tools to help you with product descriptions.

Working with Customers is Challenging

You must be prepared to handle the demands of your customers. Things won’t always go smoothly and you WILL have obnoxious customers trying to make your life difficult sometime during your store’s lifetime.

When your customers aren’t pleased, they might go as far as to try and ruin your business by giving you nasty reviews. Packages will get lost and products will get damaged, so you simply can’t avoid having displeased customers at some point.

This is why you need Magento, which lets you allow, delete and edit any reviews that are written for your products. You should not leave one angry customer ruin your whole business!

Be on The Lookout for Fraudsters

Any place where you can find money, you will also find people who will try to get their hands on that money with dubious tricks. Scammers and fraudsters are everywhere in the business world.

Many of them target young businesses, because they believe their owners are inexperienced and “easy targets”.

Here are so tips on how to spot a scammer:

  • Always check that you buy and move things at the average rates. If your courier is too expensive or your products aren’t at a normal price you should suspect fraud.
  • If you find products that are far too cheap you should think twice before buying them for reselling. You might just be giving money away for nothing to a scammer.
  • Don’t accept deals with businesses that don’t have an established name and reputation. Don’t be the guinea pig for each new little business, get your products from tried and tested sources.

This way you will avoid 80% of all scams. Always be alert.

Packages Will Get Lost

Even the best courier service will at some point damage or lose some of your packages. It sadly happens more often than you think. This can cause you to get a bad reputation or even to lose some money.

The best way to be prepared for such mishaps is to have a lot of items in stock in case you need to resend a new order quickly. Have some bonus gift products ready as an “apology”.

Getting little freebies is certain to soothe most annoyed customers and might even give you positive reputation.

The customer likes to feel that you care about his or her time.

If you are prepared to handle lost packages swiftly and with grace, you will see that your return customers will multiply.

Don’t Give Up

It is highly possible that your first couple of ideas won’t work the way you wanted. You might have chosen the wrong niche or it might simply not be the right time for the specific market your products belong to.

In this case keep your spirit up, because online business never runs out of new opportunities.

If you work hard, investigate the market a bit and use the best E-commerce solutions, then you are certain to succeed at some point.

Here are some different things you might try:

  • Try a more specific niche. Shops that are too general in nature aren’t very competitive. Try finding a small niche and be the best there is in it.
  • Change your E-commerce platform. If you’re using something simple or outdated, then try switching to a professional E-commerce platform like Magento.
  • Find a good web designer and pep up your site’s look. Customers really like to see a colorful and well-designed site. It is certain to increase your revenues.

If you take these 7 tips to heart, you are certain to succeed in the E-commerce business world.

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