Adding ‘nofollow’ to WordPress Navigation Links

Adding ‘nofollow’ to WordPress Navigation Links

Have you been trying to find a way to add the rel=”nofollow” tag to the standard WordPress navigation menu? Well, after needing to do this myself, I’ve found a quick and simple solution and I’m going to share it with you all!

Before you do this, make sure that you understand what the rel=”nofollow” tag is for and don’t just start placing it across your navigation links for no reason because it could have serious implications toward your search engine rankings.

The ‘nofollow’ attribute tells the search engines not to pass any PageRank from the selected link. This doesn’t mean that the link won’t be crawled by the search engine spiders; it does mean that they won’t use it within their search ranking algorithm.

Making Your WordPress Navigation Links ‘nofollow’

This should take you the grand total of around two minutes to implement and you don’t need any coding knowledge at all to do so.

Firstly, login in to your WordPress admin area and navigate to Appearance>Menus. This will then bring up your navigation menu on your website that should look something similar to this (unless you use a theme that has a custom navigation menu):

Adding ‘nofollow’ to WordPress Navigation Links


Once you’re in the main navigation area, click on the tab at the top-right of your browser that says ‘Screen Options’.

This will then bring down a few tick-boxes that display extra fields of information. All you need to do now is tick the ‘Link Relationship (XFN)‘ tick-box, which will give you an extra option under each of your navigation links.

wordpress menu link relationship

The final stage is now to go onto the navigation link that you wish to add a ‘nofollow‘ link to and enter nofollow in the ‘Link Relationship (XFN)‘ field.

nofollow wordpress link

Press ‘save’ and you have now successfully added the rel=”nofollow” tag to your selected WordPress navigation links. Hope you found this useful!

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