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Find Installing WordPress Tough?

Find installing WordPress tough? It does not have to be as harsh as it seems – and that is really the absolute truth about installation of WordPress.

The truth about installing WordPress

Most people find it real rough when it comes to the process of installation of WP. This is due to the plain fact that most people have never done any kind of technical work in their life or they have no knowledge of any kind of programming and coding. They are just simple people, looking at setting up a blog and getting down to blogging.

Find Installing WordPress Tough


And so, the very second they hear that they have to do something technical with regards to their blog or website, they are filled with all kinds of unknown fears. This is just the case when they learn that they have to install WP. People want to blog and love building blogs and so they buy a domain name and web hosting, but the moment they get to the point where they have to install WP, they are all at sea as they just do not know what has to be done. If you are one of these people, then you need to know that the installation process of WP is not at all tough.

Find it hard to believe? Read on about installing WordPress

If you find that it is hard to install WP, here is a total guide that will help you in installing of WP. In fact it is so very simple to install it that if you follow these instructions, you would be able to do so in less than 20 minutes – very easily – and without the help of anyone else.

Even though you may not have any knowledge of any kind of programming language and even though you may be setting up the first blog or website in your life.

Installing WordPress Stress Free

Yes, you do not have to undergo any kind of stress when you want to install WP, all you need are the following things:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Domain name
  • Web Hosting
  • 20 minutes of your time and attention

Let’s cover the above steps for Installing WordPress, one by one…

  • Step # 1 – Get a domain name: Purchase a domain name from a reliable company. There are many places from where you can do so. 
  • Step # 2 – Get Web Hosting: For the installation of WP, it is mandatory that you have a web host, so get web hosting from a reliable service provider. 
  • Step # 3 – Get the information of your nameserver: This information is something that you would have got in an email when you had purchased your domain. It looks like this: AND Yes, there are two bits of information that you will get. 
  • Step # 4 – Get logged into the account of the domain you bought: After you have logged in, you then need to click on domain. Most likely, the link or the icon for the nameservers is going to be inside your account settings. 
  • Step # 5 – Change the domain servers to the ones that you got via email. 
  • Step # 6 – Log into the Cpanel of your hosting account: You would have received your log in details, via email. 
  • Step # 7 – After you have logged into your Cpanel, in the dashboard, you will see a Fantastico/Softaculous icon. 
  • Step # 8 – Click this Fantastico/Softaculous icon. 
  • Step # 9 – Click on “New Installation”. 
  • Step # 10 – Fill the information required: This is information like: the name that you have selected for your WP blog, and the blog username and password. 
  • Step # 11 – Click on “Install WordPress”. 

There you go!

Your new or first WP blog is set up and you can have all the details of it sent to you at your email address. As you can see, installing WordPress is not as tough as it seems to be!

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