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11 Elaborative Dashboards for Site Admins with a Penchant for Detail

Whether you own a modest blog or a website with subscribers already running into several thousands, the word “Dashboard” rings a bell every time. Rather, it does more than that, since a dashboard is where the science, structure and all the mumbo-jumbo of a website are.

A website’s dashboard is more like an admin panel, using which the admin can add certain functionalities to it, while freeing it of some redundant defaults. There are dashboards which are already equipped with fully-featured attributes to make things simpler for you, while others need a whole lot of plugins and extensions to reach a level of enviable functionality.

Below is the list of dashboards which fit into the category of former, as they happen to be packed with features and insights that are bolstered by elaborative graphs, statistics and a whole lot of math:

1. Client Dash by Matt Price

Client Dash

A highly elucidatory dashboard that expands the information umbrella to new horizons, Client Dash is a unique product that gives you a good insight into how well you fare as far as gaining and retaining clients is concerned. It creates lists, segregating the clients based on their relationship with you.

2. Dashboard Smart Payment

Dashboard Smart Payment

Created by Kartik Mahant, the Smart Payment dashboard is great for retailers who wish to have a greater control over how they manage their stores and the transactions. Also, the credit history with various banks can be easily checked through meticulously detailed graphs.

3. Invoice App

Invoice App

Tanveer Junayed, creator of the design, has surely injected the aqua look in spades, but subtly at the same time. The image and the name explain everything else. The dashboard is simple and highly customizable for your specific requirements.

4. Dashboard Page

Dashboard Page

This highly elaborative dashboard is another ace up the sleeve of Agence Me. There is so much detail to each nuance and as a site admin, you couldn’t have asked for anything with richer fiber. Right from the inbox to check all the pending and new messages to the calendar, everything is right there.

The details total earnings and the total bookings made can be easily deduced and seen from the dashboard. Agence Me has surely taken giant strides upward by the means of this dashboard that’s only going to scale higher on the popularity scales.

5. Dashboard Full 2

Dashboard Full 2

Created by Bady, Full 2 is full of math. This highly perceptive dashboard puts all the statistics relating your website right in front of you for your consideration. So figures like total visits per day/per month and average time per visit, bounce rate, etc. are shown in a lucid manner.

6. Dashboard Tests Table

Dashboard Tests Table

Created by zee7, this dashboard displays everything in the tabular form. Fully featured, Tests Table doesn’t inject heavy elements that make the dashboard load slowly and gives you a top notch admin panel.

7. Timeline


Created by Agence Me, Timeline is delicate with its colors and helps you find harmony throughout the dashboard features. The clutter is done away with, and the whole vibe given out by Timeline is calming. Agence Me sure displayed a cool mastery over dashboard designs as this one is awash with interactive interface and a velvet touch of information.

8. PPM Overview

PPM Overview

Created by David Kovalev, the PPM Overview lets you manage your services through your website in real-time. The dashboard has several layout options for you to manage the site and decide how you wish the widgets and everything to appear. The activities can be kept an eye upon through the live feeds feature of the dashboard.

9. Metronic


You’d be excused for believing this dashboard takes a cue for Windows 8. Not that it does, but there is an uncanny and unintentional resemblance to the Microsoft product when you land on the first Dashboard page. But façade resemblance apart, this is easily the most detailed dashboard out there.

How it manages to put all the information right on the front without cluttering up the space is quite incredible. There are different boxes that display details like New Feedback, new orders, the total profits and how your site catching up on the popularity scales.

The usual parameters like the site visits are intuitively described through meticulous graphs. The flux of activity on the site is illustrated through bars. One of the rare features that Metronic boasts of that it also gives you a fair idea of the amount of load your server has to incur.

10. Stripe Dashboard by Ludwig Pettersson


Stripe keeps everything simple, and yet so interesting. Everything is right there in front of you for your consideration (which won’t be interrupted by unnecessary clutter of tools and multifarious options which don’t need in the first place).

You get an overview of your website’s performance by the means of a graphical display of the volume of traffic it receives per day or per month or any time period you set for it. Moreover, it doesn’t make you look for the paths to find out how many leads has your website generated and how many customers have you acquired. The report is right there along with the details of the amount you have earned.

11. Bills Bills Bills

Bills Bills Bills

The brainchild of the web design wizards, Cosmin Capitanu, Bills Bills Bills calls you out with its grounded design and an elaborative way of representing the information and statistics. The theme is also popular for being easy to work with and on.

The uninhibited range to these dashboards makes every nuance felt.

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