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6 Steps to Buy Domain that You Always Wanted

Buying a domain name of choice is always a priority that everyone stumbles upon at the beginning of a website or web venture. There would hardly be a considerable number of people who won’t have any choice on the domain name.

A domain name is just not a personal choice but it may have serious implications on getting web traffic. Thus a domain name is expected to correspond to your web identity, web activity and to some extent your offerings for the web traffic. Here we explain the steps to buy a domain that you always wanted.

1. Check Whether it is Registered

Choosing a domain name as per your preference and then checking whether the name is available or unregistered for you is the first thing you should do. Remember for paying for the chosen domain name you should be ready with the online payment options such as credit cards or Pay-pal account. Here below we describe a step by step procedure to check the availability and registration of a domain name.

  • First of all, select a set of domain names of your choice. You should always have a list of alternative names as most names with prominent categories or names higher in popularity metrics seem to be unavailable in most cases.
  • If you have already selected your hosting service to enquire about the options of domain names as to check their availability or registration status. Most web hosts provide the registration service with the hosting or domain sales package.
  • If you do not have a web host at this point you should go to the register’s office to register the after checking the availability. If the name remains available you can park the name on a temporary website before buying the hosting plan.
  • Some of the top domain registrars on the web include GoDaddy, Register, Namecheap, 1&1 Internet etc.
  • A great number of commercial web hosts will take the pain of doing all these if you are buying web hosting package from them.

2. If the Name is Registered

The real flip side of finding a domain name of your choice starts when you find the name of your utmost preference is taken. Opting for the alternate one may seem obvious but still, you can do a few things to retain an identical name close to the one you have chosen earlier.

  • Opting for an alternate extension with the same name like .in, .org, .net, .NET .co, etc. instead of the .com or vice versa. Country-specific extensions like .Au, .us etc. can also widen your choice to find the desired domain name.
  • Consider using a dash between the words in your domain name.
  • Consider using capital letters in your domain name.
  • Consider shifting the arrangement of words within the domain name a little. In this way you can fairly increase your choices.

3. Whois Tool Search

Still you want to buy the domain name that you have chosen or still you want to give one more try to find whether that domain name can be purchased from the owner anyway? In either case, Whois search tool is the place to know the useful information regarding this.

  • Whois tool is the all-round Internet tool to provide you all information regarding availability of the domain and hosting detail of the registered domains in use.
  • You can find IP address, hosting company, name server and other information through this tool.
  • The tool allows you to cross check the domain history before buying it for your security.

4. Backorder a Domain

Back ordering domain name is the procedure to acquire a domain name when it becomes available for registration. It is more like making a buyer’s offer in case the wanted item becomes available.

Back ordering is offered by all major reputed hosting services and in many cases, the popular and most wanted domain names become subject to auction involving multiple bidding from the prospective buyers in pursuit of the domain name.

5. Auction of Dropped Domains

Domain names that are dropped from the earlier holders can be subject to an auction and you can engage biding for the name of your choice. To your amazement every day a great volume of short, easily memorable and popular domain names become unregistered and get available for the buyers.

These domain names are dropped domain names and form the domain name aftermarket. Leading hosting services and registrars facilitate an auction of these domain names and are a good idea to find your name of choice.

6. Domain name forums

There are many forums on the web that facilitate interaction between the sellers and buyers of domain names. Discussion forums offer convenient ways to directly interact with the domain name holders or sellers and strike a favorable deal.


Finally, a domain name of your choice that showcases your business aspects or credential would not deliver you even an inch of progress on search ranks or for targeting potential traffic, if you cannot back your domain with solid search and traffic optimized web presence. A domain name is just another name that you must justify and make credible.

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