Your Online Presence Building a Business Website is Easier Than Ever (2)

Your Online Presence: Building a Business Website is Easier Than Ever

Building a Web site is not akin to sending a satellite to space.  While technical know-how is warranted, a number of agencies and specialists take as little as a few days to make a Web concept a reality.  Building a site is easier than ever, especially for small business owners who were once at a disadvantage due to supply and costs of resources.

More consumers feel comfortable using computers as well as associated search options, allowing instant buying gratification straight from one’s couch or bed.  Search is convenient; therefore, more vendors seek online presence.

58% of businesses still do not have up and running sites.  There’s room for passing a number of competitors before opportunity pales or gets completely lost.  How are businesses taking advantage of Web presence as you read this article?  It’s not too late, but the advantage of time is running out.

Content Marketing

Content encapsulates all material a brand issues related to services, products, in-house developments, personnel, etc.  Content marketing takes place on and off the Web.  With the addition of a site, a brand may use derivations of digital content to draw the attention and advocacy of targeted markets.

Creating a library of digital assets attracts immediate and ongoing attention; search engines index site pages, offering pages as answers to user queries based on a number of parameters.  A number of public content platforms are free – great for a small business’ limited budget.

Build Authority

Face it – a number of services and products are very similar.  Vendors seek differentiation.  Building authority persuades how consumers perceive a brand.  If an owner or a particular name brand becomes associated with an industry, it builds authority and immediate consumer reference.

Additionally, depending on a business model, a sale’s cycle may be longer, with consumers seeking information before buying.  Being known as the go-to personality or brand for information is a valuable marketing tool.  Furthermore, reputation costs nothing in dollars yet attracts a limitless supply.  In addition to seeking help from vendors, consumers use sites like Yodle reviews to gain a better sense of a vendor’s reputation.

Consumer Behavior

In the early days of industry, consumers were at the peril of limited supply.  Today, consumers have high expectations and choices, molding the landscape of a number of industries.  For example, pizza parlors and hotels benefit from Web presence in addition to supplemented mobile presence.  More consumers handle smart phones these days; it makes sense for food and lodging vendors to seek presence within mobile search results.

An incredible product or service gains zero revenue for manufacturers if there’s no awareness.  Following trends and patterns of target markets help businesses gain better success.  Web and mobile presence is not an “if” but a “when” need.  More small businesses seek counsel of Web design and online marketing companies.

It’s time to accelerate digital marketing and awareness.  There’s never been a better time for owners with limited budgets, in-house resources and time.  Educated and customer-oriented specialists counsel owners on online implementation and ongoing practices for better reputation, revenue, and brand legacy.

John Childs is passionate about web marketing. He turns his veteran experience into useful insight for businesses to increase their online presence effectively.

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