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5 Things You Need to Know to Be a Better Web Developer

In case you have been living under a rock, the Internet is a pretty important part of our society these days. It is estimated that the Internet contains 1.2 Zettabytes of information, which is the equivalent of 75 billion fully loaded 16-gigabyte iPads.

Consumers spend billions of dollars on the Internet in any given week. The ability to design websites to help spread information and generate income is becoming a hot commodity. Certain skills are essential to developing websites.

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1. Security

This is the number one priority for any web developer, the capability to design websites that are not only functional but are safe from the maliciousness that exists on the Internet.

Competent web developers have a deep understanding of the security concerns involved with the Internet and knowledge of basic and advanced protection of the websites they produce. Hackers are constantly refining their skills and thus, any web developer worth their weight must be constantly on guard and improving their defensive talents.

2. Adaptability

The nuts and bolts involved in web design are not passed down from generation to generation. They are constantly evolving and great professionals stay on this cutting edge. Being a lifelong learner, adjusting from past mistakes, collaborating with other programmers and taking feedback constructively, not personally, are all needed to be malleable in an ever-changing industry.

Being a know it all or having an ego is the sure way to fail as a web designer. It is a humbling task that rarely works the first time. Be prepared to be resourceful, creative and determined to overcome obstacles.

Have an expansive network of others in the industry that possesses different skills sets or experience. Sometimes knowing where to get an answer is just as important as knowing the answer itself.

3. Customer Driven

We all know the stereotype of the computer nerd in a dark basement talking to themselves about the uselessness of the uninformed while maniacally plotting world domination. Well, those guys don’t get business.

Successful web designers are approachable, great communicators and listeners and make a code for others, not themselves. They have empathy for their consumer, not contempt. The most important attribute of any website is usability, not how great the code is.

Be the web designer that is easy to work with, flexible and reliable and they’ll be able to attract, retain and satisfy clients who will then recommend their services to others.

4. Passion

Web design is not necessarily a glamorous task; it is often tedious and frustrating. Therefore, having a love for this job is needed to thrive as a professional web designer. Though it doesn’t have to consume every waking moment, but, if one doesn’t dream of code at least a couple times per week or sit up in bed suddenly with a new idea every once in a while, web design may not be a smart choice.

Motivation to learn, solve problems and push your abilities to the limits on a daily basis is essential for success in any profession. It will push a web designer through the bumps in the road, the bad days and rough weeks and keep coming back for another late night session.

5. Knowledge

Some may place this first, as it could be considered the entry point to being a web designer, but without any of the above skills, all the knowledge in the world may not necessarily lead to success. Not to say competency of a variety of coding platforms and strategies isn’t essential, it is.

Obviously, an effective web developer must be able to write syntactically valid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They must know how to test their code as anyone willing to write code must be willing to check its validity.

This testing must also occur on multiple browsers, not just the programmer’s favorite, as again, the most important aspect of any web developer’s product is usability. Again, knowledge of technical skills is significant to any web developer, but they only get one in the door. What they do with those skills is what separates the successful designers from those wishing they were.

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