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6 Tools to Aid Your Web Design That You Can Get For Free

Building a website can be costly just to get it started. There are many companies that provide professional web design services to explore. Whether you choose to use a free template that is provided by the web hosting service you are with or a free theme from another source, there are tools that can be integrated to make the design process easier.

Consider using a service that designs the website for you at no additional cost. There are a variety of software programs available that assist you in building a custom-looking web design as well. One element that is ideal to explore is free framework programs. These paint-by-number, so-to-speak, setups show you exactly where to place each item that is pertinent to your specific design.

1. Pre-fabricated Templates

Pre-fabricated templates are often available through web hosting services. These templates have tools within them to organize pages, setup buttons or navigation bars with drop-down menus and the ability to change how the content is displayed.

With many of these also comes the option to change the color of the template and the hover color when viewing links. Some pre-fabricated templates must be used as is as customising them may require the use of a coding specialist.

These templates are also often already assigned values that are not able to be changed. For those that wish to have a website published quickly, these are a quick solution and often suffice for a temporary period of time.

2. WordPress Themes

WordPress offers a wide variety of free themes that are customizable as well. You are able to integrate your own banners and images as well as customize links used for SEO purposes. There are a lot of advantages to using this as an option.

Although the themes are used by a lot of websites, each one can still look different from the rest just by selecting a different color profile and presentation display. Several free tools are at your disposal using this method to display your business or service.

This is one of the more popular services used for the creation of websites and blogs. In a step-by-step process, you are instructed on each step what to do. When you select a theme, a selection of color schemes is made available. You are able to preview each one to find the right option for your needs.

There is also an option to use a standard banner or integrate one of your own. Navigation bars and menus are included for free with all WordPress themes as well. This tool saves a lot of time as the page names created automatically become the navigation bar.

3. Use a Professional Web Design Service

A professional web design service puts everything together for you, including the insertion of web content. All you have to do is approve the design and placement of content for the website to go live. In some cases, these services also offer in-house web hosting.

Consider this as an option as making changes to the design or layout of your website is often easier this way. Professionals are able to have most changes completed and updated within just a few hours.

4. Consider Drag and Drop Design Software

Drag and drop design software let you easily customise a web design by using tools that show you how to crop, size and move images or background pieces where you need them. These software programs and web tools are often found free.

Some work well with web hosting services to simply drag and drop the design into the awaiting web page. From here you are able to use programs available through the web hosting service, in many cases, to create a navigational bar or buttons for users to access additional content.

Similar to framework designs, these free programs help your website to look exactly as you wish. There is a place for every piece of content along with special locations for featured items, anchored pieces of content and anchored adverts. These aids make the process of creating a custom design easier and faster.

5. Use the Free Customisation Tools from the Web Hosting Service

Many well-known web hosting services offer a variety of tools for free when you create an account and use their services. This can include simple tools such as integrating widgets, redesigning the layout of your framework, changing colors or completely building a customised website from scratch at no additional cost.

With most of these, you are also able to add your own logo and/or banner. Room for adverts can also be added into most designs with the free tools available through these services.

6. Obtain HTML Codes for Free Widgets from Affiliates

If you work with affiliates it is ideal to obtain the HTML codes for their branded widgets. Rather than resizing large images or having to crop items, a widget is generally small and can be placed within any content or on any page by inserting the HTML code in the content or on the designed page as part of the background.

It is important to embed a link within this widget so that it sends viewers to the affiliate website if the image is clicked on. Exchanging HTML codes with affiliates generates free advertising for both parties. This is a helpful tool to consider as you work to increase the viewing population of your website.

As you work to build your web design and use free tools, keep the user in mind. The setting should be something that is easy on the eyes and in a color scheme that is easy to view. This means using simple text fonts and calm colors. The way that content is displayed on a website is also important.

The most relevant information should be the most visible. Using tools to make navigation easier is also ideal. There are several free tools for this purpose as well. Leave out the thought of animation tools as that makes a website runs slower. This can cause viewers to leave the website, thus reducing revenues.

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