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Web Design Elements From the Past That Are Trendy Again

In life, a lot of old things are made new again. Certain elements of web design have also morphed over the years to turn into brand new forms in 2016. The four elements presented in this article should all prove that great web design principles never go out of style.

One Page Web Design

Even though it seems like we’re way past one pager websites, the trends say otherwise. One page websites are coming back in vogue. In terms of UX, this seems like a good move forward. According to research done by Rebecca Gordon, users prefer to scroll down pages nowadays.

Users prefer scrolling over clicking in part due to changes in the way people navigate mobile websites. Because of smaller screens and the advent of touch scrolling, people no longer want to click and wait for their content to appear. They want their mobile and web pages to be readily accessible.

Emphasis on Mobile Website Technology

Designers placing emphasis on mobile technology is nothing new. The rise in users accessing information from their smartphones has steadily risen since 2010. But the “mobile movement” has turned into a “mobile first” movement.

This switch to mobile-heavy content can be seen in some of the most popular media outlets in our society. Newsweek and The Verge are two such entities that have put a ton of their attention on their mobile content.

With clean layouts, excellent typography, and a striking similarity to their desktop brethren, these two media outlets are just two examples of companies putting ‘mobile first.’ Mobile friendly web design is not the trend anymore it’s an established fact and requirement for most of us.

Free Website Templates

In the beginning of WordPress’ existence, free website templates were the norm. With its subsequent explosion in popularity over the years, plus serious downsides that came with downloading some of them, developers and web designers encouraged the use of premium WordPress templates whenever possible.

Even though some of the downsides of downloading free WordPress templates still exist, they’re considerably lessened if the user knows what they’re doing when it comes to coding and updates.

For those willing to educate themselves, many people have found that using a free WordPress template can be an easy way to have a great looking website with little to no cost.

Content is King

Yes, this is a very tired SEO cliche. But it’s a fresh perspective when applied to website design. Good website designers know that while awesome typography, killer photography, and awesome video backgrounds make for a visually appealing website, it’s content that makes a website great.

Many website designers design their sites to complement the content, which makes for a great UX. Designing websites around content instead of the other way around benefits business owners, designers and visitors to the site by catering to the needs of all parties.

Many good web design trends don’t entirely disappear. Like many clothing fads, some of the best web design elements manage to change with the times. A few, like the emphasis on mobile technology will never go away.

But whether one pagers or safe and free website templates stay in the picture remains to be seen. But part of the fun of technology is seeing which trends change and which stays the same.

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