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UX Best Practices: Online Forms

User experience has been a hot topic among designers, especially with start-up companies looking to optimize their websites from ground up. In this article, we’re going to discuss how important it is to optimize your sign up forms to urge your visitors to fill up the form with their details.

What makes a converting signup or contact form?

1. Less Options, The Better

Don’t bombard your visitors with too much questions. If you really need additional information, divide it by steps. Amazon’s checkout is divided into several steps: Sign in, Shipping and Payment, Gift Options, and Place Order.

This provides a better checkout process since each task is segmented, making it easier for the buyer to focus on one thing at a time.

2. Build Trust

You’re asking for sensitive, personal information. It would be better to display that you can be trusted with trust seals that you truly own. Purchase an SSL Certificate will gain you that padlock icon on the address bar; it assures visitors that your transactions with them are secure.

Opt for secure payment systems like PayPal. Include a Privacy Policy, Returns and Replacement Policy, and Shipping Policy if you own an e-Commerce store.

3. Easy Spam Prevention

We all love using CAPTCHA, but it would be easier for your visitors to use reCAPTCHA from Google. With just a simple click, they’re done! Gone were the days of squinting and trying hard to read squiggly texts. Only toggle human verification if the system detects multiple logins or queries coming from the same IP.

The contact form at Illinois Institute of Technology may not be appealing to your eyes, but it does the job quickly. They only ask the important details, along with the function of directing your inquiry to the proper department.

Moreover, the use of reCAPTCHA does make it easier for people to submit their inquiry, without the hassle of typing out squiggly letters to get it through.

4. Smart Call to Action

To persuade your audience and convert them into leads, create smart CTAs to hook them in. Don’t settle for cliché words. Create phrases and even concise sentences to lure them in. Back in 2013, HubSpot discovered that there’s a 43% increase on targeted CTAs versus basic CTAs!

5. Visual Design

Studies have shown that forms are best placed above the fold, on the upper right corner. Brief information or details are placed on the left, as users tend to look from left to right. Meanwhile, maximize the use of whitespace; it helps your users to focus on the main elements on the screen.

Avoid adding distracting elements such as other offers, pop up ads, and more. An indie marketplace called Tictail offers one of the best minimalistic checkout pages. There’s a good contrast between the white space and main elements in the page. CTA buttons are contrasting well, attracting attention where it has to.

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