3 Quick Tools to Build Posts Around Content

3 Quick Tools to Build Posts Around Content

If you are a regular writer, finding a constant source of inspiration can be an incredibly difficult challenge. I mean, let’s face it – our brain really doesn’t operate like that. It may feel particularly hard to brainstorm the topic that will get you a million hits when you need it the most. In cases such as these, it is extremely important to consider alternative methods of content development.


One such alternative can arise from the commentary that we or others provide to our favorite bloggers, field experts and respected media sources. Ironically, until recently, this was hardly taken advantage of.

Fortunately, we now have the tools to capture this commentary and present it in a format that builds upon the valuable information that we identify across the web.

With that said, here are three great tools to build posts around great content you find throughout the web.


Looking to piece together a quick post for a current industry happening? Perhaps give a well-rounded glimpse of a topic to your audience at large? If you are looking to pull an interesting and dynamic read together quickly, but don’t have the time to add a million citations, or jump into heavy post research, then this is the tool for you.


Taking the platform for a spin, you can easily search through tweets, images, social bookmarks, and videos. You then drag and drop those that you want to use onto a canvass page that convey the story you’d like to tell. The best part about it is that it will automatically quote the individuals who’s blog content you decide to use.


Another fresh and interesting way to present content is to go through recent or topic-specific articles, blog posts or anything else you read on the web, and clip your favorite paragraphs, images and videos to a blank canvass.


After adding interesting content you can then go through and add commentary to your find. What is really nice about this platform is it allows you the the ability to auto-post to Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr, Ping.FM and a wide range of additional social media outlets.

Comment on an Article with a Video-Response


Do you have a collection of industry-specific writers that you subscribe to? Perhaps an expert of two who’s posts you read on a regular basis?

If so, then taking the time to substitute an article for video reflection and commentary, on an expert’s thoughts can be another great source of content.

Taking the time to use Yfrog or Twitvid to comment on a favorite post can often be an original way to respond while presenting intersting content to your loyal followers.

What are your top methods of presenting dynamic, interesting, and engaging content to your audience?

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