RankCracker Tutorial and Review

RankCracker Tutorial and Review

Over the past week, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out Matthew Woodward’s new SEO tool, RankCracker.

RankCracker is a completely free tool and you can download and run it directly from your desktop. The tool allows you to import a list of your competitors backlinks and RankCracker will, in the space of a couple of minutes, tell you which tools that you can use to easily replicate the links. On top of this, it will also gather a load of contact information that you can use for outreach, etc.

In terms of features, I haven’t came across any tool that is able to do what RankCracker does, especially at the speed that it does it. Not only that, but it’s completely free!

As always, I’ve put together a full tutorial on how to use the tool and get the most from it. Check it out below:

How to Use RankCracker

For all of you that prefer text-based tutorials, I’ve put together a quick stepy-by-step on how to use  this awesome tool…

Once you’ve installed RankCracker, you’ll need to adjust a few of the settings to reflect which other SEO tools you use.RankCracker Tutorial and Review 01.jpj

If you use any of the listed SEO tools then make sure that you tick the box next to them. This will enable RankCracker to show you the tools that you’re able to use to replicate your competitors links.

Don’t worry if you don’t use any of the tools, there’s still a lot of value that RankCracker can give you.

You’ll also want to tweak the number of threads being used. This will depend on the processing speed of your computer, but the more threads = faster speed. Just bear in mind that the more threads used also means that it will become much more resource intensive.

I’d recommend just sticking to the default settings and tweaking this at a later date.

Gather Your Competitors’ Backlink Data

Now that RankCracker is all set up and ready to go, you’ll need to download a list of your competitors backlinks.

You can use a number of tools to do this, for example, Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs. I prefer to use Majestic SEO, but that’s purely personal preference.

RankCracker Tutorial and Review 02.jpj

Once you’ve downloaded all of your competitor’s backlinks, you can paste them into RankCracker and hit the ‘start’ button (as shown below):

RankCracker Tutorial and Review 03.jpj

Depending on how many links you pasted into RankCracker, you may want to go and make a cup of tea.

In general, RankCracker works really quickly; especially when you compare it to other tools. I’m running RankCracker with default setting on my ultrabook and it takes around 2 minutes to process 500 links.

Once the software has scanned through all of your links, you get some new information appear in the right hand side of the interface.RankCracker Tutorial and Review 04.jpj

This is where the real value of RankCracker comes. It will tell you which SEO software that you can use to easily replicate any of the links. As well as that, it will tell you which types of links they are so that you can plug that info into the tool you’re using – not bad, eh?

On top of all that, RankCracker whizzes through all of the links to gather as much contact information from the sites as possible.

RankCracker Tutorial and Review 05.jpj

For me, this is the most valuable feature of this free tool. The sheer speed that RankCracker is able to gather contact information is one of the main reasons why I’ve added it to my list of essential SEO tools.

Another great feature of the tool is the ability to download of the data to a .csv spreadsheet. I always prefer filtering through data within Excel, so this is a big bonus.

You can download the tool for free here, and if you have any questions, I’m sure Mr.Woodward will be quick to answer them.

RackCracker Review Score


For a free tool, RankCracker has some awesome features. The ability to quickly gather contact details for a list of URLs helps to remove a whole process from your competitive link research. Not only that, but it’s the only tool that I’ve come across that shows you which automated tools will easily replicate links.

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