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How to Create a Solid Brand for Your Website or Blog

Having a solid brand for your website is something that is highly important and gravely overlooked by many webmasters and bloggers. Many people will think of their website or blog simply as a repository of articles – as somewhere for them to collect and write their thoughts or to attract visitors and make some money.

However, the reality should be more along the lines that a website is a business or an empire and that it’s developing a relationship with your visitors. This then creates a site with far greater possibilities as it allows you to expand into other things – like apps and books that will have a built-in user-base at launch, and which will enable you to get repeat traffic.

Google has recently been emphasizing the importance of branding in good SEO and this is something that business experts have known for a long time.

So what you need to think when someone visits your website, is how you are going to get them to remember your site rather than just your content and how you are going to ensure they come back for more. Here we will look at how to build a strong brand for your site.

Integrate It into Your Web Design

This is something that is very important, to begin with – and something that many sites don’t think about. The point is that if your logo is hidden away in the top corner of your website, then many people won’t see it – they will simply scroll down the page to read the content they came for and then leave.

You need then to make sure that they remember where it was they got that content so that they know where to come back next time they’re looking for similar information. This means then including some kind of more interesting site design that evoked your logo, or that at least makes looking at your content into a memorable experience.

Mention Your Website

Many people will write in the third person and in a very dry way which is unnecessary and which can turn away a lot of potential readers. More to the point though it also prevents you from injecting personality or difference into your site and it makes it hard for you to mention your site name.

Write in the first person and you’ll be able to say things like ‘we here at SuperBlog believe this to be a great product’. This will stick in the readers’ minds and mean they’re more likely to think ‘SuperBlog’ when they do their next search.

Be Consistent

It’s great being known, but only if you’re known for the right reasons. If you want people to think of your site as a great resource and something they want to seek out, then you need to make sure that, well, it is those things.

So write a site that is consistently informative and well written and be sure to update regularly so that people start checking back.

Use Social Networking

If your website or blog doesn’t have an associated Twitter account, Facebook account, and Tumblr account then you are missing out on ways to reach out to new audiences – so go and build those now and keep the branding, style and colors consistent throughout those formats too.

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