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If you are a web developer, your profession requires not only creativity, expertise, and experience, but tedious, repeating work that takes your time and even irritates, especially when a deadline is close and project budget is low. You shouldn’t spare your efforts on such trivial things.

Just try Bootstrap admin templates and you’ll never refuse such opportunity to save your time again. Don’t know much about this framework? The blog post contains essential information about it together with a helpful collection of best free Bootstrap admin templates which you can use again and again.

Use Them and Save Your Energy for Unique Artistic Works

The work of web developer is very interesting and complicated at the same time. In fact, you are like virtual God, creating wonderful worlds out of nothing but words. Not common words, of course, but the ones your computer understands. Just call to memory the moments of your triumph, when all coding job is done and your website operates as perfectly as it looks. Such minutes are worth all the invested time and efforts.

You know what? Gods also need days off. Yes, you are right, the main goal of our blog post is to present you some free time, which you can spend as you wish. Maybe you will play baseball with your kids in the background or go to the beach and test your new surf at last or maybe you will just stay at home and watch a good movie or read an interesting book.

It doesn’t matter what you will do with your free time, one thing that really matters is that you will get an opportunity to have a short respite at last without any harm for your work.

How is it possible? Good question… However, the answer is very simple, as everything genius. Free Bootstrap admin templates that you will find at the end of this text will considerably save your time during development of your future projects.

Want to know more about Bootstrap and admin templates? The wish of our reader is a law we will obey with great pleasure.

Bootstrap in Brief

In simple words, Bootstraps is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It offers a few easy ways for quick start. Each of them suits different level of expertise and use case. Virtually, Bootstrap can be called a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications.

It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components (e.g.: grouping of buttons or buttons with drop-down option, make and navigation lists, horizontal and vertical tabs, navigation, breadcrumb navigation, pagination, etc., labels, advanced typographic capabilities, thumbnails, warning messages and a progress bar), as well as optional JavaScript extensions (e.g.: jQuery plugins that provide additional user interface elements such as dialog boxes, tooltips, carousels, auto-complete function for input fields, Modal, Dropdown, Scrollspy, Tab, Tooltip, Popover, Alert, Button, Collapse, Carousel and Typeahead).

Initially, Bootstrap was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. As a result, projects’ development accelerated greatly with the help of the toolkit. So, dozens of teams moved to the framework very quickly.

In August 2011 Twitter released Bootstrap as open source. In February 2012, it became the most popular GitHub development project. Impressive, isn’t it?

Main Bootstrap Features

Relatively incomplete support for HTML5 and CSS 3 is compensated by Bootstrap sites and applications compatible with all major devices and browsers. Beginning with version 2.0, Bootstrap supports responsive design. The layout of web pages adjusts dynamically, taking into account the characteristics of the device used (PC, tablet or mobile phone).

Bootstrap is open source and available on GitHub, so all developers are encouraged to participate in the project and make their own contributions to the platform.

Recently, Bootstrap’s documentation has been translated into various languages, including Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

A Few Words About Bootstrap Structure and Function

Bootstrap is modular; it consists of a series of fewer stylesheets that implement the various components of the toolkit. Developers can adapt the Bootstrap file itself, selecting the components they would like to use in their project. The use of LESS stylesheet language allows the use of variables, functions and operators, nested selectors, as well as so-called mixins.

The configuration of Bootstrap (starting with 2.0 version) has a special “Customize” option in the documentation. The developers get the possibility to choose the desired components and adjust the values of various options to their needs. Everything is thought out and the subsequently generated package already includes the pre-built CSS style sheet.

Bootstrap Grid System and Responsive Design

Standard Bootstrap comes with a 940 pixel wide, grid layout. Nevertheless, the developer can use a variable-width layout. For both cases, the toolkit has four variations (which adjust the width of the columns) to make use of different resolutions and types of devices: mobile phones, portrait, and landscape, tablets and PCs with low and high resolution.

How to Use Bootstrap

In an HTML page, the developer simply downloads the Bootstrap CSS stylesheet and includes a link in the HTML file. The user can also compile CSS file from the downloaded fewer stylesheets, with a special compiler.

JavaScript components should be referenced along with the jQuery library in the HTML document, if you are going to use them, of course.

In a Nutshell

If you are in contemporary web design business, twitter bootstrap should be one of your must-have frameworks. We hope that multiple advantages enumerated above have convinced you as to framework’s versatility. Actually, it contains everything a web developer needs during everyday routine work.

That is non-responsive and responsive grid layouts, JavaScript, components, and base CSS. As you understand, it allows you to develop websites quicker and easier. The included Grid system helps perfectly place content on the site while CSS is for scaffolding.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice developer or an experienced pro, free Bootstrap admin templates collected below will save your time, efforts and budget. Just make some changes, and you are done. Not bad, yea? So, it’s time to have a closer look at each of them.

1. SB Admin

SB Admin is a free admin theme for Bootstrap 3. The SB Admin theme features several third-party plugins that have separate documentation.

2. Twitter Bootstrap – TemplateVamp

TemplateVamp is a free Admin Template for web designers and developers. Based on Twitter Bootstrap, it is fully functional and customizable. Use it for rapid developing of lightweight, faster, and mobile-friendly web applications. TemplateVamp contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and JavaScript extensions.

3. Charisma – Free, Responsive, Multiple Skin Admin Template

Charisma is a fully featured, free, premium quality, responsive, HTML5 admin template based on Bootstrap. It comes with 9 different themes to choose from according to style and type of your application.

Charisma was created to ease the iterative work every developer has to do creating new projects. Use Charisma as a base or a package for your admin panel and you’ll always be within low budget and time deadline.

4. Blue Nile Admin, Black Tide Admin, Wintertide Admin

Here you will find three free Bootstrap admin templates on one page. Choose the one to your taste!

5. Free Bootstrap Admin Theme – Updated

This free Bootstrap admin theme was updated and now includes the following pages:

  • Login
  • Admin Dashboard (Tables, Statistics, Chart, Media Gallery)
  • Full Calendar
  • Statistics (Multiple examples of Pie, Bar, Line charts)
  • Buttons & Icons
  • UI & Interface Elements (Modals, Popovers, Tooltips, Alerts, Notifications, Labels, Progress Bars)

6. Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin Theme

This application is javascript/css/html5 package of additional features placed on top of the twitter bootstrap libraries. Want to use it? Please, either compile the less files or use the existing css file.

7. Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin Template

The author of this admin template based on Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS framework kindly shares it with you. It has a lot of benefits such as responsive design, response images, a host of ready-made styles and icons that you can use.

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